Scroller DIY kits

Undertaken mission

In case you have your own production capacities, you can assemble a scroller by yourself. It allows you to save money on delivery of complete product and on assembling. Scroller DIY kit is a kit of necessary parts, fasteners and detailed assembling instruction (it does not include glass, back panel for single sided scroller, middle frame for double sided scroller, stand and lighting). When you assemble the casing, install the scrolling system and lighting (you can order a scrolling system and a set of lighting in our company) you will get a complete product. If you are a manufacturing company, buying scroller DIY kits allows you to make a complete product and sell it to your clients. The list of parts included in scroller DIY kit you can find in section “Passports”.

Why us?

For more than 10 years we have been running our own network of scrolling signs on "Gaszpromneft" petrol station. We share our experience, give an official Russian assurance, decide all issues connected with aftersales service and expandable materials supply.


Scroller DIY kit batching

We offer different variants of scrolling city formats (city lights) 1,2*1,8m and city boards 2,7*3,7 m:


- single sided scroller (5+0), back panel is blind;

- double sided scroller (5+5), each side is dynamic;

- double sided scroller (5+1), one side – static, one – dynamic;

- interior single sided casing (5+0), back panel is blind.


Passport 1,2м*1,8м (5+5) Instructions for assembly DIY kits 1,2м*1,8м (5+5)