Street furniture


     Street furniture - is a new and very popular in Russia form of advertising media. Prohibition against usage of large formats and reduction of quantity of traditional advertising structures in historic areas and city centers both led to the development of minor forms, that are situated extremely close to a consumer: in pedestrial areas and historic centers.

     One of the most significant advantages of street furniture is multitasking functionality. Commonly it is not only an advertising sign, but also a socially useful object (bus shelter with light-box, bench with advertising area, light-box with rubbish bin, etc). In this way street furniture serves as a tool for purposes of development and modernization of city infrastructure. That is the common target, the common interest of businessmen and administration of municipality.

     Nowadays the most popular type of street furniture is a bus shelter. It has successfully fitted in with network advertising format of 1,2*1,8mm and now acts equally with traditional minor forms, sometimes it is even in advance, regarding the demand factor. Such types of advertising mediums as rubbish bins and stelas are now also quite wide-spread. Most of these structures perform a number of different functions simultaneously: for example, informational function, social, eco-friendly; and as far as light-boxes are concerned: they create an additional lighting for streets.

     The modern city architecture sets up the style of street furniture: in most cases street furniture is made of glass, steel, aluminum, has laconic geometric forms. We offer a wide range of street furniture constructions, among which you can choose an appropriate variant for mass installation. All of them are time-tested. We know all the nuances of agreements in different city institutes. In addition, we must say that nowadays city governments pay more attention to this issue.

     The main rule is to remember about the forms' solidity – the size of the visual area; it will help you to cooperate with federal advertising providers and complete a successful project even on the scale of one city.

- Bus shelter

- Scroller with shoe-cleaning machine

- City format scroller with rubbish bin