Scroller + rubbish bin

Our new city format scroller with rubbish bin is:

- Socially useful construction, that saves your city clean; 

- Aesthetic city furniture, that forms a modern and beautiful street image; 

- Effective advertising media, that attracts an attention of large audience due to dynamic surface; 

- Construction, that creates a positive perception of an advertisement, due to its ecological use: division of waste for recycling;

- - Business tool “5 in 1”: you provide benefits for people, city, ecology, advertising provider and make profit!

Nowadays a lot of advertising location auctions take place in Russia. Large outdoor advertising operators squeeze the private sector. City format scroller with rubbish bin is an additional opportunity to take up a position in the outdoor advertising market. This construction matches with plan of amenities' provision for a city and due to that it becomes useful not only for owners, but also for municipalities of different regions, that will make advances to offers of installation. You buy city format units and provide streets with useful contractions – administration creates additional opportunities for your advertising business!

City format scroller with rubbish bin consists of 4 parts:

- Casing is made of anodized/powder coated aluminum. The scrolling system and lighting are installed inside it. The casing performs two main functions: load bearing function for equipment mounting and protection against influence of atmospherical condensation.

- Scrolling system is destined for scrolling and demonstration of advertising posters.

- Lighting set makes a poster bright at night. Inside lighting works as back projection.

- Stand is made of steel and is used for fixing. It contains sliding trash containers, that are protected from unsanctioned pulling out by doors with locks.

Scroller with rubbish bin can be powder coated in any RAL colour.

                                                                     Technical details:

Name Unit Amount
1 Overall size mm 2793х1400х480
  City format light-box    
2 Overall size of unit mm 2020х1400х180
3 Overall size of packed unit mm 2070х1450х200
4 Size of tempered glass mm 1980х1357х6
5 Size of visual area mm 1200х1800
6 Type of back-lighting   LED lighting
7 Quantity of strips pcs 44
8 Electrical power  W 132 (44 sets, 3W each)
9 Source voltage - 220V, 50 Hz
10 Operating temperature оС From -30 to +60

Weight of assembled unit

kg Not more than 151
12 Weight of packed assembled unit kg Not more than 200
13 Overall size mm 1397х480х1273
14 Weight of stand with 2 trash containers kg 101
15 Thickness of side (steel) mm 1,25
16 Thickness of bottom (steel) mm 8
17 Volume of trash container litre 60,4