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Guaranteed use period of “M2 Scroller” products is 12 months, starting from the date, that is written in a warranty certificate. Warranty conditions and the beginning of warranty period are stipulated in the contract. At the moment of goods acceptance you should fill in and sign the acceptance certificate, that will be a guarantee of warranty liability. If a scrolling system breaks down, a Client should act as follows:

1. Identify a class of defect;

2. Find out the defective equipment;

3. Call to “M2 Scroller” LLC service expert + 7 900 201 16 67 to receive the consulting and necessary documents;

4. Fill in the Warranty case supplementary sheet  (notice, that the product warranty number must be written) and send the scanned supplementary sheet copy to ( warranty extension starts from the date when the Warranty case supplementary sheet was sent);

5. Send to M2 Scroller the defective equipment and the Warranty case supplementary sheet;

6. When the defective equipment is received, our service department coordinator informs the Client about it. The Client should wait for coordinator's reply about diagnostics result and information about follow-up actions of our service department workers (repair of failure and replacement part shipping). Work completion time is 15 continuous days starting from the date when defective equipment was received;

7. Wait for defective equipment repair or replacement part delivery.


Warranty liability is invalid in the following circumstances:

1.  Unauthorized access and scrolling system equipment damage;

2.  Scrolling system equipment alteration without the prior written consent of the contractor;

3.  In case of third party intervention and force majeure circumstances;

4.  Scrolling system unintended use;

5.  Scrolling system foreign object or liquid damage;

6.  Scrolling system loss of function due to voltage variations;

7.  Scrolling system loss of function due to static electricity (because of broken earth bonding or its absence);

8.  Scrolling system loss of function due to usage of different value or quality voltage.


Attention!  Our working experience shows that scrolling system operational life depends very heavily on quality and density of poster paper and quantity of posters. The lighter paper and smaller quantity of posters are used, the easier scrolling system works and the longer its operational life will be. “M2 Scroller” LLC recommends to use the polypropylene paper.

Attention!  Our scrollers operation experience shows that scrolling system operational life depends very heavily on time of poster exposure. The less time-exposure, the shorter system's operational life. The aimed time of exposure is a few minutes.