Scotch tape


Scotch tape –  tesa® 4970

Double-sided adhesive tape that has high adhesive property

tesa® 4970 is a thick white double-sided adhesive tape. It consists of a base (polyvinyl chloride film) and a glue layer (high adhesive acryl).

Advantages of tesa® 4970:

  1. excellent combination of high glutiness and momentary adhesion
  2. high volume of glue layer for good fixation on an uneven or dusty surface
  3. is suitable for long-term application


Usage procedure

Strength of adhesion bond depends on a level of contact between tape and surface. To provide a good contact press a tape to a surface firmly.

To provide good adhesion bond, connected surfaces should be clean, dry and firm. It is recommended to use isopropyl alcohol for surface cleaning. Follow rules of personal safety while working with solvents.

The optimum temperature for scotch tape gluing is 20°С – 38°С. It is not recommended to glue a tape at temperature below 10°С, because adhesion level will be low due to increase of adhesive substance viscosity. However, if scotch tape was glued under normal conditions, its adhesive characteristics remain resistant at wide temperature range.