Простая сборка и монтаж

Bus shelter

Undertaken mission

Modern bus shelter with built-in city format (city light) scroller 1,2x1,8 m allows to decorate city streets due to  its modern design and to place up to 10 posters in spots of transport waiting. It can be easily installed in a street without any damage of city service lines.

Why us?

We worked out a new modern design of bus shelter according to our clients' preferences. Our bus shelter is made of galvanized steel that provides a rust prevention guaranty even after 5 years operation. We also produce an enforced base structure of 4 mm galvanized steel that provides special strength for a stand.

A bus shelter is supplied in three standard options: three-section (4,7x3 m) or two-section (3,3x3 m) with city format scroller (1,2x1,8 m) and side glass; or you can place your special order. The sides of bus shelter are made of 6 mm tempered glass. Our bus shelter can be equipped with LED lightning in order to decrease the consumed power.

Our bus shelter DIY kit considerably decreases the transportation expenses in comparison with completed products because the volume of goods is much smaller. It can be transported on a gazelle. The assembling process is very easy and doesn't require any special training that allows our clients to assemble a bus shelter by their own means.