Paper for scrolling signs

Why paper for scrolling signs actually?

Scrolling signs came to Russian market a bit earlier than special materials for them did. That's why people used all kids of materials in scrollers, for example banner, film, poster paper... But these materials, even if they are of excellent quality, cause problems and difficulties if you use them in scrolling signs. Such as:

Material Main problem Reason
Banner It breaks a scrolling system,
wears out system resources
Weight and density of banner are above the standard measures for scrolling signs

It delaminates, what deteriorates the quality of image

Film is made for static constructions. If you expose it to a twenty-four-hour mechanical influence at high temperature (in summer) and at low temperature (in winter) it wears out rather fast.
It tears It is very thin and fragile and can not bear a twenty-four-hour scrolling at high/low temperature
It delaminates, fuses at high
temperature, congeals at low
Intertissued slubber threads are not intended to be used in dynamic constructions. This material can bear +50/-50 temperature split, but in scrolling signs temperature is higher and lower

Scroller paper is made specially for scrolling signs and combines all necessary qualities:
    1. Hardness
Polypropylene paper made by vulcanization method can bear a significant mechanical pressure and temperature split without deformation.
    2. Image quality
Special light-diffusing layer makes the image bright and intense. Paper of such quality can be used for interior printing.
    3. Economy
Light and thin scroller paper saves scrolling system's resources. And also your money because once printed poster won't tear, won't break the scroller, allows to repair a mounting mistake easily (sticky tape can be unsticked from paper easily, it won't leave any marks, there is no need to reprint a poster).

Scroller paper only

We do not operate with other printing materials, we only work in such tight market as scroller paper.
    We constantly test new materials, which are used or are recommended to use in scrolling signs, on our own network of scrollers. We make color-proofs by different types of printing. We constantly consider suppliers offers.
    We have already found the product which totally satisfies us, but we always monitor new solutions on the market.

Our scroller paper

Polypropylene paper (PP paper) is the first scroller-specialized material!

PP paper is a semitransparent polypropylene paper without glue layer, which is made by vulcanization method: on one side there is a polypropylene layer on the other – paper.
What vulcanization is? Vulcanization – is a technological process of cooperation between polypropylene and vulcanizing agent (paper in this case), due to which seaming of polypropylene molecule into a monolithic spatial net on paper takes place.
As a result hardness, firmness and elasticity increase, while plasticity, degree of swelling and solvability in organic solvent decrease. Due to vulcanization method polypropylene does not delaminate from paper like it does in other materials presented on the market and material does not tear.

Format City format City board
Roll's width 1, 27 m 2.85 m / 3,2 m
Length 50 m 100 m
Weight 105 g/m2
Thickness 175 um
High quality image Homogeneous structure distributes light on a poster surface and dissipate inside lightning equably. It has a high level of whiteness, that can show a whole scale of colors brightly and contrastively
Reliability It has high mechanical hardness, it does not deform in case of temperature split, it is stable in high humidity sphere, does not deform and keeps the shape even in case of intensive pouring, has a reasonably high speed of ink drying, is resistant to becoming yellow
Economy Low ink absorbability, favourable price
Multi-functionality It is suitable for all types of light signs: light boxes, shop signs, pylons, pillars, retail equipment, etc
Comfort usage The roll is used by whole width, there is no need to cut it. It is suitable for solvent, eco-solvent and UF inks printing on all types of modern wide-format printing machines
For scrolling signs It decreases the quantity of scrolling display crashes, due to its light weight it saves system motoresource, gives minimum pressure on motors, allows to place greater quantity of posters


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