Scrolling shoe-cleaning machine



Scrolling shoe-cleaning machine is intended for advertising posters display and winding and also for shoe cleaning. Back lighting can be installed inside of it. Shoe cleaning mechanism is equipped with sensor that indicates the presence of shoe and also with shoe polish. Mechanism starts working automatically. It can be used indoor: inside of stores, shopping or business centres.

Scrolling shoe-cleaning machine consists of steel casing with glass window for advertising poster.


Technical details:

  1. Overall size: 1020H*775W mm
  2. Overall size of advertising unit: 1450H*775W mm
  3. Visual area: 840H*595W mm (A1)
  4. Thickness of advertising unit: 130mm
  5. Face panel: 4mm acryl
  6. Scrolling system: SPDE-51AX
  7. Back lighting: LUM lamps or LED lighting.

List of scrolling shoe-cleaning machine (SCM-5+0-LUM) components

Name Quantity Remark
Casing 1 pce  Casing is made of 0,5mm steel. It has a door on the back side for maintenance works and glass window on the front side for poster display.
Scrolling system 1 set  One set of scrolling system includes two rollers with motors and scroll-end detectors installed inside of them, one main controller, one power supply unit, handheld programmer and cables for plugging them in.
Back lighting 1 set  2 pcs of fluorescent lamps, 1 pce of 2*36W ECG (electronic control gear) and cables.
Shoe-cleaning mechanism 1 set  Shoe-cleaning mechanism consists of two cleaning rollers, that start and stop working automatically,   sensor, that indicates the presence of shoe, and system, that supplies shoe polish.
Keys 2 pcs  Prevent access of unauthorized people.
Accompanying documents 1 set Passport, user's manual and warranty card.
Package 1 set Plywood panel and foamed material that provide careful transportation.