Scrolling system

Undertaken mission

Scrolling system – is a mechanism which provides a poster change in scroller or dynamic shop-window. You need a scrolling system if: your scroller works on out-of-date system, a system became ineffective or broke down. And also if the demand on your static signs exceeds the supply and you want to change static signs to dynamic. Or if you buy a system with a DIY kits scroller.

Why we?

Our scrolling systems are designed in such a way that they save your money right from the start. Our scrolling systems are very reliable. They do not require any repair or replacement for a long time. Our scrolling systems are simple to operate, do not require a high qualified staff. Our scrolling systems have all necessary options to create a modern and profitable scroller network:


Brushless motors, roller hasn't got belts inside, because they can tear or overslip in winter, there is no need to change brushes from time to time.


The moment of stop for every poster is determined by microprocessing unit, there is no need to steak a foil mark on every poster, dial a photocell or metal detector.


English using remote control is as simple to use as TV remote control, there is no need to take a code guide with you.


You decrease expenses on electric power - basic configuration includes two time switches which controls work of scrolling system and lighting.


“Home poster” option – you can choose a poster on which the system will stop working.


Synchronisation – a few scrollers that stand nearby can change a poster simultaneously.


POPS – you should plug in a 12V accumulator and in case of power cut the system will scroll the poster to the end before shutting down.


Series 51 76 120
Roller diameter 51 mm 55 mm 80 mm 120 mm

Maximum size (width/area)

  2m/3m2    2m/4m2 5m/12m2 6m/18m2
Motor type        Brushless DC motor
Power source       200-240 VAC - 24 VDC
Maximum power 40 W 50 W 70 W 150 W 220 W
Maximum speed 0,75 m/s 1,5 m/s 0,5 m/s 1 m/s 0.8 m/s